Linters have obvious benefits but, like any tool, can be hard to use. Not all users have the time to install and update a linter, and inspect its output. Also, some linters show many false-positives and cause the code to be littered with ignore ... comments, and any suggestion by the linter is only interesting once. After a decision is made on applying the suggestion, the suggestion should not come back.

So, I figured that it might be useful to periodically generate the lint results for many repositories and show the results on a website.

This website shows linting results for

If the linter shows useful rewrites, then consider making a pull request. For many changes, use Comby. All the required information to apply Comby available on this website and in Comby's documentation. To automate pull request creation, see Sourcegraph Campaigns.

The source code of this website is at

List of merged refactors

These small refactors have been detected via this site and are merged:







For stale and closed PRs, see notes.